What To Expect With Dietitian, Nikita Wasson

A word from Nikita Wasson:

What can you expect when you come along for an appointment? I think people have this idea that dietitians are the food police and will write you out a strict diet plan that we expect you to follow perfectly. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. We all eat very differently from one-another, and my job is to help guide you towards your health goals, considering your preferences, lifestyle and relevant health conditions.
So, what can you expect to talk about? Whilst I will ask you about what and when you eat, it’s also important for us to explore your relationship with food:
What do you enjoy eating?
Who do you eat with?
How do your eating habits change when you’re stressed / emotional / hormonal?
How do you celebrate with food?
How does food make you feel (physically and psychologically)?
If we only ate food for the purpose of fuelling our bodies, eating would probably be a whole lot simpler, (but, also more boring!).
A school student recently asked me for my one best piece of nutritional advice, and really there is no one piece of advice that fits everyone, it’s not that simple! However, if I had to say one thing, I would love for people to realise that food is not the enemy where there are rights and wrongs, shoulds and shouldn’ts. Food is fuel to nourish us, to give us energy and joy. I love food! You don’t have to love food too, not everyone does, but it shouldn’t be something to fear, that causes angst, that makes you feel horrible about yourself. Switching our perspective is often vital in helping us to change our food choices and our relationship with ourselves.
I would love to help you on your journey, whether it be to improve your health or to support your relationship with food and your body. Give me a call or a message, I promise it won’t be as scary as you may think!

Contributed by Nikita Wasson, The Nourish Nook In-House Dietitian.

Nikita can be contacted on 0411 213 568


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