The Nourish Nook Meal Plans Have Arrived!

As you know, The Nourish Nook offers you an all-encompassing approach to holistic health and wellbeing.  A huge part of overall health is nutrition.  Every bit of food we put in our mouths nourishes us in some way.  Even when we are upset and we need a treat, that treat may not nourish its nutritionally, but it nourishes us emotionally.  There should be no guilt associated food.  We know, easier said than done, right?  But, food and nutrition is there for you to enjoy.  It should never be seen as stressful or not enjoyable.  Nutrition and what we eat governs so many factors in our lives.  How we sleep, move, feel, speak, react, mange time and so more.  We are so passionate about feeding our bodies with delicious food that we have teamed up with a professional to bring you these plans to best suit you, your health and your busy lifestyle! The Nourish Nook is excited to be adding a delicious new feature to your health toolkit. Good nutrition is a key building block to overall health and wellbeing. We have collaborated with Naturopath and Nutritionist, Phebe Stehbens of Fresh Naturopathy, Melbourne, to bring you The Nourish Nook’s very own Meal Plans! We felt it most important to work with a qualified professional in the field of Nutrition and Naturopathy to develop a 2 week Meal Plan to best feed your body with essential nutrients for optimum vitality, mental clarity and overall health. Phebe is passionate about using seasonal produce and creating meals, snacks and smoothies that best deliver the essential nutrients and goodness for your amazing body. There are 4 Meal Plans available-Plant-Based/Vegan, Pescatarian, Dairy Free or the All Rounder. These plans have been lovingly and thoughtfully put together for you to best suit your lifestyle. They include dietary information and general info, shopping lists, recipes, methods and your weekly plans. These plans are user friendly, time-effective and DELICIOUS! How does caramelsied banana and almond oatmeal sound? Or, beef burrito bowl with cauliflower rice? Or double choc mint energy balls? Yummo! Meal Plans are available now through our app, or on our website. They will be emailed to you within 24 hours so you can get grocery shopping and commence your 2 weeks of nutritient-rich goodness! Head to our app and click on the BUY section. Or to our website. We are SO excited! A huge thank you to Phebe for her work and deliciousness. We are collaborating more with Phebe in the future on some more exciting projects, so stay tuned! Meal Plans are $49. Your entire body will thank you! Remember to tag us on your creations using the hashtag #whatscookingoodnookin For more information, including the clever reasons why these plans are for 2 weeks, please head to the Meal Plans section on this site! Good Health and Happiness, The Nourish Nook Team xx

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