A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class of eight (8) clients that sculpts and lengthens the entire body. A slower paced, clinical class to establish foundational Pilates movements. Suitable for new, rehabilitation and pre/post-natal clients.


A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class of eight (8) clients in an open style session to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen the entire body. Suitable for all experience levels. Classes are tailored for individuals to enable most accessible and ideal movement experience possible.


A small, challenging Reformer Pilates class of eight (8) clients, moving swiftly and flowingly through the classical and contemporary Pilates repertoire. Suitable for experienced Pilates practitioners. This class will encourage clients to utilise their knowledge and skill base to challenge their limits. A fun, dynamic session to improve body awareness, strength, mobility and fitness.


A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class of eight (8) clients that challenges the entire body. This class utilises High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to elevate the heart rate, working the cardiovascular system, whilst the Reformer allows clients to enjoy a lower impact workout for the joints. Suitable for clients proficient in Pilates and those who truly want to sweat!


Those elusive Advanced Pilates movements that you see all over Instagram, this is what the Advanced Session is all about! Held once per month for those wanting to learn the tricks and tips in attaining those more advanced movements within the Pilates Repertoire utilising the Reformer machine. Suitable for experienced Pilates practitioners who just want to come and play! Theme of class will vary. Maximum of eight (8) clients.

Post Natal Nourishing

A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class to begin healing and moving the body after pregnancy and the birthing experience. Mums are welcome to bring their new baby (6 weeks to 6 months) in their capsule or to be on a mat next to the Reformer. A beautiful class to slowly strengthen the body, improve mindfulness and to provide that genuine connection with other mothers on a similar journey. Maximum of eight (8) clients per class.

Mat Pilates

Joseph Pilates created a beautiful floor-based repertoire of movements to build sculpted and uniformed bodies whilst balancing and connecting the mind. These mat-based sessions will utilise Traditional, Classical and Contemporary Pilates Methods to transform your mind and body. A maximum of ten (10) clients makes this session suitable for all experience levels. A very accessible way to learn about Pilates and your body.

Power HIIT

This fun, dynamic class utilises Pilates principles alongside well-known movement types, (think kettlebells, TRX, box jumps, battle ropes, weights with a few new tricks), for a high intensity circuit style class.  Begin by activating your abdominals and target muscle groups before moving into a fun, fast-paced workout with individualised attention of a maximum of twelve (12) clients. Suitable for all experience levels.

Powerhouse Barre

A high intensity fusion of Pilates, aerobics, ballet, boxfit and yoga.  A high energy, fun class guaranteed to make you sweat! A maximum of ten (10) clients ensures individualised attention to make this class accessible to everyone! Best to simply come give this class a try to really know what it is all about!

TRX Power

What is TRX Suspension Training? The original suspension trainer has a single anchor point to create instability and stability to leverage body weight with gravity to load and unload the force to assist in moving better. It has a scalability to suit different ability levels. It is a core-centric modality which complements any and all other movements styles. With a maximum of six (6) clients, our teachers will ensure you have individualised attention to create the most accessible and ideal movement experience possible.

Power Flow

An all-encompassing physical and mental experience, challenging the senses of the body. Beginning class with Sun Salutations to create connection between the breath and movement, transitioning seamlessly into the standing and floor-based strength series utilising asana and Pilates principles along with body weight resistance. The experience is completed with stillness of mind and body through Yin Yoga postures. A well-rounded journey, perfect for those wanting the physical challenge whilst gaining a mindful experience. The perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

Hot Yoga

A 90-minute eye opened moving meditation in a 35- to 40-degree Celsius room to work the entire body from the inside out, bones to skin, fingers to toes. By the end of this practice, based upon the 26&2 Hatha Yoga Series, you will have worked every muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint, as well as internal organs and glands, whilst systematically moving fresh oxygenated blood throughout your whole body. You will leave feeling energised, worked and completely connected to your mind and body.

Warm Yoga Flow

In a 27-degree Celsius room, be guided through pranayama, asana and meditative practices to cultivate connection, opening and healing within the body. Warming from the inside out, each practice is unique to the creative juices of your guide. Taking inspiration from Mother Nature, the seasons, meridian lines, or simply areas of the body, this challenging yet accessible practice will lead you places you never thought possible. Come with an open mind and heart.

Yin Yoga

In a warmed studio, this floor-based, long-held asana practice delves into the deeper tissues of the body, targeting the energy systems to promote healing and balance within the body. Whether desiring a deep stretch, or searching for something grander, this practice is medicine for our modern world.

Pre Natal Yoga

A safe, nurturing and gentle practice for expectant mums from thirteen (13) weeks. Be guided by a beautiful teacher with twenty (20) years of yoga experience, in a supportive environment to gain strength, build stamina and energy, to enhance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Dedicate some time to yourself to relax and deeply connect with yourself and your growing baby.

Post Natal Nourishing Yoga

We understand how time poor new mums can be. However, once medical clearance has been gained, it is important to gently return to movement after the birth of your baby. To aid in your return, our version of Mums and Bubs Yoga will ensure you have time to nurture, breathe and connect with baby and yourself. A suitable practice for woman from eight (8) weeks post-partum, and for babies eight (8) weeks to active crawling age. Asana practice focuses on baby’s development, whilst calming and bonding with your baby. It also focuses on bringing balance, releasing tension and regaining strength for mum. Be guided by a beautiful teacher with twenty (20) years of yoga experience in a safe, gentle, supportive and nurturing environment.

Soul Stretch & Release

A grounding, soothing and healing practice, utilising long held stretches and self-myofascial release principles. You are guided by a knowledgeable and skilful Physiotherapist, nurturing you into self-care and release. You will leave feeling open, released and calm. Wonderful to relieve tender muscles and to quieten the monkey mind.


Feeling a little low come the middle of the day? Wanting to improve your connection within? Wanting to develop your mindfulness skills? This twenty (20) minute or sixty (60) minute guided mindfulness meditation is exactly what you need to improve your productivity, health and wellbeing. Prioritise Self for just a small portion of your day, renew your energy and stimulate deep healing. Come as you are.

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