Reformer Pilates

A small, personalised class with 5 machines. This class uses Reformer Pilates machines that help sculpt and lengthen the entire body. This class prevents injury, improves established ailments and enhances the performance of other movement types (sport or other exercise). Excellent for core strength and toning.

Power HIIT

Utilising Pilates principles alongside well-known movement types, (Kettlebells, TRX, Box Jumps, Weights and a few new tricks). A high-intensity circuit class.

Powerhouse Barre

High intensity fusion of Pilates, Aerobics, Ballet, Boxfit and Yoga. This is quite a fast-paced class for Barre that is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Yoga Flow (Vinyasa and/or Hatha) and Warm Yoga Flow

Each teacher bringing a powerful movement flow to each class that speaks from their heart.  Warm yoga flow is the same practice, however, our studio is warmed to 32 degreed celsius.  This warms your body nicely, allowing you to sink deeper into poses and go deep into your cells and spiritual centre.

Yin Yoga

A floor-based, long-held Asnana practice delving into the deeper tissues of the body targeting our energy system to promote healing and balance within the body.

Power Flow

A class that centers as well as challenges, beginning with Sun Salutations to create connection between the breath and movement, transitioning seamlessly into the standing and floor-based strength series utilising Asana and Pilates principles along with body weight resistance. The experience is completed with stillness of mind and body through Yin Yoga postures.

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