A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class of 7 clients that sculpts and lengthens the entire body. A slower paced, clinical class to establish foundational Pilates movements. Suitable for new, rehabilitation and pre/post-natal clients.


A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class of 7 clients in an open style session to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen the entire body. Suitable for all experience levels. Classes are tailored for individuals to enable most accessible and ideal movement experience possible.


A small, challenging Reformer Pilates class of 7 clients, moving swiftly and flowingly through the classical and contemporary Pilates repertoire. Suitable for experienced Pilates practitioners. This class will encourage clients to utilise their knowledge and skill base to challenge their limits. A fun, dynamic session to improve body awareness, strength, mobility and fitness.


A small, personalised Reformer Pilates class of 7 clients that challenges the entire body. This class utilises High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to elevate the heart rate, working the cardiovascular system, whilst the Reformer allows clients to enjoy a lower impact workout for the joints. Suitable for clients proficient in Pilates and those who truly want to sweat!

Mat Pilates

Joseph Pilates created a beautiful floor-based repertoire of movements to build sculpted and uniformed bodies whilst balancing and connecting the mind. These mat-based sessions will utilise Traditional, Classical and Contemporary Pilates Methods to transform your mind and body. A maximum of 10 clients makes this session suitable for all experience levels. A very accessible way to learn about Pilates and your body.

Power HIIT

This fun, dynamic class utilises Pilates principles alongside well-known movement types, (think kettlebells, TRX, box jumps, battle ropes, weights with a few new tricks), for a high intensity circuit style class.  Begin by activating your abdominals and target muscle groups before moving into a fun, fast-paced workout with individualised attention of a maximum of 10 clients. Suitable for all experience levels.

Nook Barre

A high intensity fusion of Pilates, aerobics, ballet and boxfit. A high energy, fun class guaranteed to make you sweat! A maximum of 10 clients ensures individualised attention to make this class accessible to everyone! Best to simply come give this class a try to really know what it is all about!

TRX Power

What is TRX Suspension Training? The original suspension trainer has a single anchor point to create instability and stability to leverage body weight with gravity to load and unload the force to assist in moving better. It has a scalability to suit different ability levels. It is a core-centric modality which complements any and all other movements styles. With a maximum of 8, our teachers will ensure you have individualised attention to create the most accessible and ideal movement experience possible.


SBS, (suspension/bands/balance/strength), is a class that will have your core firing and your strength challenged!  This class incorporates TRX exercises, a bands workout, balance techniques and strength exercises.  This fusion of stability, strength and stamina will have you feeling challenged, invigorated, but balanced after a full body workout!  Join Marissa for a super fun experience


Hybrid is an innovative session combining weightlifting, body movement and metabolic conditioning. This 3 stage 1 hour session, will improve your neurological fitness, including balance, co-ordination, accuracy and agility.

Stage 1 – Strength

Stage 2 – Endurance and stamina

Stage 3 – Core focus

Individualised attention of a maximum of 8 clients, this class is suitable for all experience levels.


Boxing at The Nook is a high-intensity movement session based on the training concepts used by boxers to keep fit. Sessions will vary but be prepared for a knockout of a time delivering agility, balance, muscle tone, strength, cardio and a whole lot of fun to upbeat tunes.

Yoga Flow

Be guided through pranayama, asana and meditative practices to cultivate connection, opening and healing within the body. Warming from the inside out, each practice is unique to the creative juices of your guide. Taking inspiration from Mother Nature, the seasons, meridian lines, or simply areas of the body, this challenging yet accessible practice will lead you places you never thought possible. Come with an open mind and heart.

Yin Yoga

In a warmed studio, this floor-based, long-held asana practice delves into the deeper tissues of the body, targeting the energy systems to promote healing and balance within the body. Whether desiring a deep stretch, or searching for something grander, this practice is medicine for our modern world. Suitable for all experience levels.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic practice that is unique in the fact it works with the Ujjayi breathe. When the breath is synchronised with movement, it is known as Vinyasa. This breathing/movement system creates a rhythm that allows one to transition from one place to the next, and to flow from one posture to the next throughout the whole practice, using classical yoga postures in a sequential flow. Over time, it becomes a beautiful, mediative, moving practise, as you ride on the wave of the breathe and movement, arriving into stillness.  Suitable for intermediate/advanced Yogies.

Hatha Yoga

A beautiful practice utilising a set of physical postures and breathing techniques, practiced more slowly and with more static posture holds than perhaps a Yoga Flow or Vinyasa class. This class will ground and bring you whole-heartedly into your body and heart space.  Suitable for all experience levels.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a 60 minute floor based practice, utilising props to support the body in discovering deep relaxation and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Poses are held for long periods of time, challenging our ability to remain still. A beautiful practice to heal the body, encouraging deep connection with the breath and inner self. Please dress comfortably and warmly. Suitable for all experience levels.

Pre Natal Yoga

A safe, nurturing and gentle practice for expectant mums from 13 weeks. Be guided by a beautiful teacher with 20 years of yoga experience, in a supportive environment to gain strength, build stamina and energy, to enhance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Dedicate some time to yourself to relax and deeply connect with yourself and your growing baby. (Please bring a pillow to class if you wish).


Soul Stretch & Release

A grounding, soothing and healing practice, utilising long held stretches and self-myofascial release principles. You are guided by a knowledgeable and skilful Physiotherapist, nurturing you into self-care and release. You will leave feeling open, released and calm. Wonderful to relieve tender muscles and to quieten the monkey mind.


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