The Nourish Nook’s First Workshop

The Nourish Nook is going to be home to some amazing workshops now and in the future.  Our space is a hub of not only movement, physiotherapy, fun and happiness, but education as well.  This week is Mental Health Week and The Nook is supporting this important week by holding our first of many workshops.  Jo Hodges, The Nourish Nooks’ business owner, will be speaking on her journey through a mental illness, and how she finally conquered her condition, holistically.  She will be joined by local musician and vocalist, Lizzie Coke who will be discussing her story of how she manages her Bipolar 2 one day at a time.  The Nourish Nook is passionate about spreading the message that it’s okay to talk about mental health.  This is an intimate workshop where a question/answer session will be held at the end with both speakers.  Attendees will be taken through a beautiful guided meditation and also suggested certain tools to take into your daily life to assist you in being the happiest version of you.  This is an inspirational afternoon with a nourishing afternoon tea and refreshments catered for.  Every person will receive a complimentary pass to attend one of our classes.  Jo is a Blue Voice for Australia’s largest Mental Health Initiative, Beyond Blue, so, $10 from every ticket sold will be lovingly forwarded to Beyond Blue.  Mental Health is an extremely important subject matter and we feel by talking about it openly will give others the courage to do the same.  If you would like to attend this workshop, click HERE to secure your spot.  Tickets are $30 with a small booking fee.  There is no wellbeing without mental wellbeing.  Your body is your home. Nurture and nourish.

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