We’re All About a Holistic Approach!

The Nourish Nook is a holistic health and wellness space.

Having said that, we want to make it clear that we totally support everybodys’ right to a holistic, or non-holistic approach to health. However, at The Nook, we offer services and products that are a natural approach to health. We live by the philosophy that our bodies tell us what it needs, when it needs it. We believe in tuning in to our bodies and aligning ourselves with natural healing. We believe the world is slowly changing its’ approach to health. That sounds like a big generalisation!

And, maybe it is, but studies have shown that people are now turning to more natural techniques to heal their body and keep it on track. So, what does it mean to be holistic? A holistic lifestyle means you’re choosing to live your life and heal your body through natural remedies.

What’s unique about this way of living is you observe everything as a whole. You don’t view sickness or a physical ailment and come to the conclusion it’s something physical, you observe the whole picture. The background of the sickness or ailment could be emotional or phychological, not just physiological. Therefore, through a more holistic lifestyle, you are more prepared for challenges in life as you observe your circumstances and surroundings fully. For instance, if you are diagnosed with an emotional illness, it’s labeling and recognising the issue and most likely, a professional may offer you a medication to assist with your recovery.

However, a holistic approach is looking at the issue and asking yourself, how did I get here? What is happening in my world? My career? My friends? My family? What foods am I eating? How is my sleep? How is my mindset? It’s looking deeper into the issue and becoming fully aligned and in tune with what is going on and taking natural steps to help overcome the problem.

We at The Nook fully support your choice of healthcare, however, we look forward to working with you with a holistic approach. Sometimes, people do both, and this is great, too! Whatever suits you and your lifestyle is what we care about and fully support.

When we relocate into our permanent space next year, The Nourish Nook will offer not only movement classes, holistic health consultants, mindfulness techniques and ways to calm your mind and body, we will also offer a fantastic sense of community and belonging – something that has never been so important. With the rise of technology, having person-to-person contact, conversations and interactions is essential to our emotional wellbeing. We will also be offering organic health supplements should you choose to try them. We believe in great gut health and we will offer products to help your gut stay happy!

There are many other services that will be offered, but these will be revealed in the coming months. For now, we are excited to assist your body in staying happy and healthy with our holistic approach.

Health and happiness, The Nourish Nook Team xx

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