Tips To Working Out At Home, by Tarsh McCallum and Sarah Dally

With so many of us having to adapt our lives in different ways, there a new challenges or perhaps different ways of doing things we are all having to get more use too. Included in this, is the way we exercise. With gyms closed and sports trainings cancelled, working out from home has become the new norm! It’s convenient, effective and inexpensive, but it isn’t always easy. Distractions, little motivation and a lack of space and knowledge can make working out from home more of a challenge, but this doesn’t have to be the case!

Our resident physiotherapist here at The Nook, Tarsh McCallum, has shared her simple tips to optimise your home training, which can make all the difference to your motivation, commitment and performance

One: making time to warm up & cool down

Two: keep safe with the correct technique

Three: change up what you are doing

Four: lock in workouts each day

Being at home, we can easily finish a workout and get distracted with something around the house, make sure you assign time to warm up and cool down appropriately.

Without anyone watching you, being mindful of your own technique is more important than ever, ask questions, google exercises with videos and be confident in your movements.

Your body likes to be challenged, use this time to try new workouts, running outside instead of inside, doing more strength instead of body weight, including some yoga before bedtime. Keep your body adapting.

Having no set class can make it easy to skip a day. Plan your workouts at the start of each week, organise online sessions, FaceTime friends and do them together, or get your household involved. Keeping organised and accountable is key.

Hang in there, we are all in this together!

Our team can’t wait to see you all back on Tuesday June 9th!

Love, The Nook Team xx


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