Why being part of a community is good for your health

Imagine being told that having meaningful conversations, feeling part of a community or group, having a sense of belonging and having meaningful relationships in your life can up your life expectancy by up to 7 years. Yes, you ready that correctly!

Something as easy as having an interactive conversation with someone can be so good for your health. Well, it’s true. Over the past decade, the world has slowly changed. We are becoming less engaged, Some of us turn to social media for support instead of family or friends . Others choose to text or email somebody instead of actually speaking to someone. We are living in an era where there have been huge advancements in technology, yet we are feeling more disconnected and lonely than ever.

So, why is this? We, as humans, are born with an innate sense to feel connected to other beings. After all, we ARE all connected. There is a small island in Greece who’s inhabitants have the longest life span. There are many reasons as to why they live for so long, but, some of the contributing factors are that they eat a Mediterranean diet, they eat a lot of fish, take part in deep and meaningful conversations over a glass of red wine and everybody knows each other. Therefore, they are constantly surrounded by beautiful friends and family and feel an amazing sense of connectedness.

At The Nourish Nook, we want to create an amazing community around our business. So our visitors feel connected, part of a community and belong to a ‘group’. It is an essential part of health and wellbeing. Whether it be connecting with new friends in a class, or even connecting with our amazing team, we want to create a feeling of oneness and community.

We hope that when you visit The Nourish Nook, you feel welcomed, nurtured, looked after and valued. We are so passionate about creating a beautiful energy and community . After all, our health and wellbeing benefits from it.

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