Move More Month!


The Nourish Nook Team are so excited to introduce our very first Group Movement Program, Move More Month!  This is 1 month dedicated to help you reach your movement goals.  With the weather getting warmer and days getting longer, now is the perfect time to move your amazing body!  Our program is designed to move your body through different style of movement and to utilise our beautiful space as much as you like! Regular movement and establishing a regular physical routine helps you maintain or establish healthy habits that will have a profound, positive effect on not only your physical wellbeing, but, your mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. The idea behind this program is to move your body on a regular basis, knowing you are commencing and ending alongside other like-minded people.  Studies have shown that working out with a group, or with friends, keeps you more motivated, thus enjoying your movement more and, in turn, seeing and feeling better results.  Move More Month will help you:

  • Set realistic, attainable goals and meet them, resulting in self-trust and self-esteem.
  • Form healthy habits
  • Feel a strong sense of community, helping you feel supported and nurtured by both fellow attendees and our Team

An orientation will be held at The Nook on Sunday, 27thOctober from 2pm-3pm where you will be presented with your very own folder of goodies to track your journey and to help keep you on target to reaching your personal goals. Move More Month will, officially, commence at 6am on Monday, 28thOctober and, will finish on Sunday, 24thof November.  We will, again, regroup on that afternoon, Sunday, 24thNovember, from 2pm-3pm to discuss your month, answer any of your questions have a group discussion about your experience and journey. This is all about honouring and nurturing your body, enjoying a personal journey and assisting you with goal-setting.  Your body loves to move!



Members – No extra Cost

This is fantastic value for your money, attending boutique classes in a safe, nurturing environment.


  • UNLIMITED classes over the course of 4 weeks
  • 1 Health Coaching session with Jo Hodges to assist you on your journey in any way (optional)
  • Personalised booklet to track your journey
  • Hands-on guidance and support from The Nook Team

Have you wanted to experience The Nook Method and haven’t as yet?  Or, are you a regular and know of somebody who may like to join you?  Spread the word!  Move More Month can be purchased on our personalised app, The Nourish Nook. Simply head to the BUY section, click on AUTOPAY and look for MOVE MORE MONTH. We cannot wait to have you join us for this super fun and super motivating time at The Nook!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 87239139 or at  Let’s Move! Love, The Nook Team xx


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