10286753_446590985535816_6964258334737989076_oI have some exciting news!  I was asked last year by the beautiful team at Wellineux to speak at their Atelier Series breakfasts in Melbourne.  These breakfasts see different guest speakers talking about different aspects of wellness.  My talk is on Connection.

A word from Wellineux:

If expanding and nourishing your friendship circles, your intimate relationships and your professional networks is a priority for you in 2016, Atelier: Connection, featuring lifestyle coach Joanna Fincham, is the open door you may need.

We would love to invite you to join us next Tuesday 19 January for a beautifully nourishing breakfast.
During this informative and conversational event, you will learn the tips and tools you need to foster close connections in your life. Watch your relationships become deeper, stronger and more meaningful. Watch your health and wellbeing improve dramatically as a result.
The ability to connect is a skill that can open or close doors in your life, for both your personal development and your wellbeing.
So how to foster a life of connectedness? Step 1 is to join us for breakfast!
Details below:
Date: Tuesday 19 January
Time: 7am (concluding with enough time for you to get to work)
Location: Mardo’s, Port Melbourne
Tickets: Purchase online at wellineux.com(your own JOM is included in the ticket price)

If you are in Melbourne and would like to join, we would dearly love to see you there! xx

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