a984df5cd2cc7c95ff19f210570274dcI am commencing this blog by stating for the record – I am human!  We all are!  When I first started this website, I made a pact with myself to be completely open and honest.  To share ideas, inspire others, motivate you as well as being honest with MY ups and downs.  This is a blog to show that although I am healthy and a qualified Health and Lifestyle Coach, I fell off the wagon recently with my healthy dietary intake.  There!  I did!  And it was just what I needed!

Let me explain.  My diet consists of a high intake of vegetables, fruit, super foods and antioxidants.  I stay clear of processed foods, refined sugar, high-fat foods and the like. I consume 3 litres of water every day.  I make sure I consume one meal every day that is raw. I do this not because of what society says is good for you, but because it makes me FEEL good.  When I eat well, I feel my most vibrant, confident, energetic and spiritual.  Eating well not only gives you the energy and nutrients to feed your body what it needs to function at its’ best level, it has positive effects on your sleep, concentration, decision-making, skin, hair, eyes, weight maintenance, how you deal with conflict and much more.

Over Easter, I wanted to enjoy my time with friends and family.  That meant delicious food, treats and those things called Easter Eggs!  On a shopping trip to the supermarket a couple of weeks prior to Easter, I bought a packet of Cadbury solid Easter eggs.  Yes, you know the ones.  The eggs that sit in a bowl and look at you with their pretty coloured foil wrapping.  Gently whispering, “just one more, Jo”.  Well, those “one mores” became about 8!  Maybe even 10!  But, who’s counting?  And then, the shining light at Easter – Hot Cross Buns!  Oh my goodness.  Again, gently calling, “more butter, Jo.  We’re so much better with lots of melted butter!”  You see what’s happening here?!

So, over Easter, I overindulged.  But, it didn’t stop at Easter.  For the week and a half following, I consumed foods I don’t normally eat.  What was happening to me?!  I knew exactly what was happening.  SUGAR!  That addictive substance was getting the better of me.  I couldn’t get enough!  I even stopped for a pink donut at a local bakery, (refer to Instagram!)  There may have been a can of Coke in there, too!  Oh dear.  However, I want to state for the record, I’m glad it happened.

Firstly, because it made me even more confident in my decision to eat healthy.  Let me tell you what happened over that week.  I was short tempered.  I had shocking fatigue during the day.  I wasn’t concentrating as I normally do. I felt bloated and was suffering headaches. I wasn’t practicing my spirituality as much.  I developed a few pimples.  I felt anxious.  I had high high and low lows.  I couldn’t get to sleep at night as well as I normally do.  And my meditation practices were being interrupted by thoughts of food!

This week, I have got back on that wagon and we are full steam ahead!  Even after just three days of eating well again, I felt like I have far more vitality, I am thinking clearer, my meditation is back to where I want it to be, I am more patient and my concentration is back.  Yes, we really are what we eat.

I want to state, also, that – wait for it – all diets end in binges.  When you deprive the body of something, the first thing you will want to eat is what you cut out.  I cut out sugar, so when I had a taste, I couldn’t stop!  So, my point being, when you eat healthily and follow a lifestyle of well-being, if you want a treat, have it and enjoy it.

Have you experienced times of “falling off the wagon”?  Feel free to comment below so we can support each other.  “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”… xx


  1. Your blog is spot on Jo. I have recently began eating more heathily myself and I notice my concentration span at work has become a lot better. But I too fell off a bit over Easter and noticed the difference myself. But hey, we’re human, it happens. Back to my veggies now 🙂

  2. I did exactly the same…once I started on those Easter eggs I wanted more, and then I turned to wine and my food drug of choice cheese, and then the food and wine hangover made me crave white processed foods especially white bread with lots of butter and more cheese. I’m back on track now, and feel so much better

  3. Easter got the better of us all this year. I’m usually so controlled. But this Easter wow! Hot X buns. Eggs on eggs. My body felt sluggish and my focus at work was all over the place! Last weekend I made a point to start April healthy and I eased myself back into it with making a raw date and cacao slice and now back on the wagon.

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