pumpkin-soup-a-bowl-www.girlontherange.com_Winter is upon us here in Australia. Even as I’m sitting here, I am looking outside at the rain and wind. I must admit, there’s something quite romantic about open fires, winter woolies and soups. ┬áBut, with the colder weather comes bugs and germs. Looking after ourselves, inside and out, is of utmost importance to help fight of the lurgy. Following are some easy tips to help you stay healthy over Winter:
1. Up your intake of raw vegetables and fruit. The cooking process decreases nutrients, so make sure you incorporate some raw fruit and veggies in your diet.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. Germs are so easily passed on through bacteria and germs on the skin.
3. Stay hydrated. Aim for at least 2 litres of water per day.
4. Stay physically active. Exercise can take a back seat during winter. Aim for walks on sunny days, or join a gym/exercise program that takes place indoors.
5. Reduce your intake of dairy. Dairy has a tendency to be mucous-forming. Try alternatives such as rice, soy or almond milks.
6. Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps support the immune system, so if the sun isn’t out regularly, taking a supplement is perfectly fine.
7. Sleep. Having 6-8 hours of restorative sleep every night is important. It helps the immune system, as well as repairing sickness if you do in fact fall unwell.

So, this Winter, be sensible, look after yourself and may good health find you this Winter!


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