I had an experience recently that I felt compelled to write about.  Have you ever had the feeling that something inside if you ‘tells’ you to do something?  Like, when you’re looking for a particular book, and an overwhelming force almost drags you to the book store?  Then, when you walk in, there’s the book right in the front on sale?  This is your inner guidance system talking.  Your life-force, your chi.  Sometimes, this force speaks to us and we must listen.  Recently, I had a day that really tested me.  Being a mum of three, the youngest being just 3 months, some days don’t run entirely smoothly.  And that’s life!  I felt anxious, on edge, and dare I say it, grumpy!  Not a word I associate with myself all that often, but I was grumpy!  I wanted just 5 minutes to myself where I could sit and relax.  No, “mum, can you do this?”  “Mum, can you do that?”  Who knew you could completely wreck a 3 year olds’ day by giving her the wrong colour undies to wear?!  I finally got all 3 to bed and I could finally sit and relax with my hubby.  I was sitting on the couch, still feeling somewhat uptight and winding down from the day, when I peered out the window and saw our two beautiful horses grazing as the sun went down on another day.  An overwhelming feeling came over me that I couldn’t deny.  Our horses don’t really work.  They spend their days out in the paddocks, grazing, enjoying their retirement from work and enjoy carrots and apples and the occasional groom.  I’m not a very ‘horsey’ person.  I love horses as animals, but I’m not one to ride etc.  So, when I had an overwhelming urge to go out and see them and feed them some apples and carrots, I simply had to do it.  I went to the fruit bowl, took out 3 apples and 4 carrots, cut them up, popped them into a container and made the walk down to the horse paddock.  The stars were starting to glow, it was calm outside, silent and tranquil.  I called out to Solar and Power and over they trotted.  As I reached out to give them both a touch, I felt instantly transformed.  I was relaxed, calm and could feel my energy shift.  The healing quality of animals never ceases to amaze me.  The horses breath was warm on my face, their calm energy was contagious, and I felt myself transform from an on-edge mother of 3, to a calmer, more relaxed version of myself.  Even when the horses trotted off when they knew there was no more treats left to eat, I stayed outside for a good 2o minutes.  I listened to the sounds of nature, I watched the stars as they got brighter, I watched as the day closed and the night commenced.  I felt the stress of the day slowly disappear with the setting Sun.  When I got back to the house, I felt so different and knew why.  My Spirit knew better than I did!  Instead of sitting down to relax and watching television, I enjoyed Nature instead.  I then came in, showered and went to bed.  So, when your inner guidance system or Spirit send you messages and wants to you do something, tune in and listen!  It knows best… xx


  1. Jo this is beautiful and I completely and utterly can relate to this. Nature certainly does have some incredible healing powers and we all need to embrace this a bit more than we do. Lucky you that you have discovered what calms you and it surrounds you every day!
    I am very drawn to nature especially the country and beach. As you know I’m lucky enough to be living by the beach in Sydney. I take time out every Sat to go to my happy place and attend yoga outside in the sun overlooking the waves. This gives me an instant injection of calmness and serotonin after having a hectic week with 3-5 yr olds. For the rest of the day I feel light and high on life. Nature is pure and powerful and we must treasure this natural beauty. Sounds like we do!
    Love your dude xx

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