Kate Toholka, Lola Berry, Yours Truly and Stephanie Prem.
Kate Toholka, Lola Berry, Yours Truly and Stephanie Prem.  Photo: Marcus Jones


I really loved working with Jo. She created a fun event which was filled with loads of love. I think it was an inspiring day for all who attended” – LOLA BERRY

In May, 2015, The Nourish Nook presented The Wellness Seminar in Melbourne hosted by yours truly. This day was a concept I came up with some time ago to give you busy souls a day off. A day of relaxation, information, organic food, meditation, a chance to meet new friends and a beautiful pilates session. The day was a huge success. My three guest speakers were carefully selected to provide guests with information to implement into their daily lives. Lola Berry – nutritionist, television presenter, yoga teacher and life enthusiast spoke of topics close to her heart – nutrition and biophilia. Stephanie Prem – ex Australian winter Olympian, television presenter, pilates instructor and owner and founder of Studio PP, Melbourne spoke of her journey as well as her career in fitness and motivational speaking. And Kate Toholka – trailblazer, life coach, motivational speaker and best-selling author spoke of overcoming your fears, unleashing your full potential and getting the best out of yourself. Guests enjoyed amazing organic food and juices by My Goodness Organics. Stephanie Prem took a fantastic pilates session and the three speakers then took part in a panel-style discussion answering questions from guests. All speakers stayed the whole day and mingled with guests, giving them a chance to get up-close and personal to these three amazing women. At the end of the day, I took a guided meditation so everyone went away feeling relaxed, nourished in every sense of the word and bursting with motivation.


• BUDAPEST •The Nourish nook is currently taking the popular, ‘Discover Your Awsomeness Workshops’ on the road!  Due to the overwhelming success of the first free workshop, The Nourish Nook is taking the intimate workshops to Melbourne, Adelaide, Country South Australia and Country Victoria.  (Stay tuned for dates, locations etc).  These workshops run for two hours with a 20 minute break.  In the break, light whole food refreshments are served, as well as herbal tea.  Jo talks about her journey as well as guiding participants to be educated on the importance of eating clean whole foods, understanding emotional eating, controlling cravings, how to work with the Universe to manifest amazing things into your life, how to unblock your fears and unleash your creativity as well as taking a guided meditation and a fun, interactive question/answer session.  If you would like Jo to host this workshop in your city or area, or you have a group of girlfriends you would like to get together for a smaller, more intimate group, please contact Jo at [email protected]


10286753_446590985535816_6964258334737989076_oIf expanding and nourishing your friendship circles, your intimate relationships and your professional networks is a priority for you in 2016, Atelier: Connection, featuring lifestyle coach Joanna Fincham, is the open door you may need. We would love to invite you to join us next Tuesday 19 January, 2016 for a beautifully nourishing breakfast. During this informative and conversational event, you will learn the tips and tools you need to foster close connections in your life. Watch your relationships become deeper, stronger and more meaningful. Watch your health and wellbeing improve dramatically as a result. The ability to connect is a skill that can open or close doors in your life, for both your personal development and your wellbeing. So how to foster a life of connectedness? Step 1 is to join us for breakfast!Details below:
Date: Tuesday 19 January
Time: 7am (concluding with enough time for you to get to work)
Location: Mardo’s, Port Melbourne
Tickets: Purchase online at wellineux.com(your own JOM is included in the ticket price)