Keep-Calm-And-Take-Care-Of-Yourself-ImageThis week marks the second week that kids have gone back to school.  Back to routine, back to early mornings, back to packed lunches, back to morning chaos!  Well, at least it is on our household!  I was talking to a fellow mum and friend of mine last week who commented that she was quite glad to be back into routine with the kids back at school.  However, since doing so, she was neglecting to look after herself in the mornings.  Skipping breakfast so that the kids ate first, running around like mad to get the kids’ hair done, getting out of bed super early to get everything done, thus feeling tired after just waking up.  Sound familiar?  The truth of the matter is, we have been brought up to “always look out for others first”.  I highly disagree.  We as humans MUST look after ourselves first, so in turn, we are the best version of ourselves to THEN help others.  So, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to look after yourself first in the morning:

First of all, STRETCH!  That beautiful, long stretch in the morning where your muscles are waking up and you feel a sense of relief wash over your body.  A long stretch counts as a extra half hours’ sleep.  I bet you may not have known that!

Secondly, Rise just 5 minutes earlier.  If you set your alarm for 6.30am, set it for 6.25am.  Lay in bed just for 5 minutes and breathe.  Just relax.  This is a very simple form of meditation that will make you feel more relaxed throughout your busy day.

Thirdly, set your intentions.  Say in your mind a little daily mantra.  Something as simple as, “today, I welcome joy, happiness and love into my life.  Today is going to be a beautiful day and I am truly grateful”.  When you set your intention, the Universe hears it and your positive attitude brings about and attracts positivity, too!

Lastly, and most importantly, EAT BREAKFAST!  I can’t stress how important this is.  Your body has been in slumber and relaxation mode throughout the night to give you energy for the following day.  However, your body can’t function on just sleep.  It needs the nutrients from wholesome foods so that your energy is sustained throughout the day.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate breakfast.  Even avocado and tomato on toast.  A boiled egg.  Muesli with yogurt and fruit.  If you skip breakfast and don’t eat until lunchtime, your body actually doesn’t digest and use the nutrients form your food for a couple of hours.  So really, you’re running on empty until about 2.30pm or so.

I hope this helps give you a small spring in your step, mums!  It doesn’t have to be hours of planning, just small, manageable and realistic tasks to help give you energy and look after yourself – nutritionally, emotionally, physically.

I also want to add a link to an interview with actress, Jada Pinkett Smith.  This interview I loved, but the answer to this question asked by her daughter is spectacular.  We must, first, take care of ourselves, so in turn, we can help and assist others.  Click HERE to see the interview.

Sending health and happiness to you all xx


  1. Such a great interview with Jada Pinkett Smith Jo. So often as mums we do not look after ourselves, or put ourselves first, which we need to do in order to look after ourselves and hence, our families. I guess the old fashion saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ isn’t so far off the pace really.

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