nourishNourish bowls are becoming increasingly popular.  Basically, they are bowls of yummy, raw goodness.  When we eat raw fruits and vegetables, we receive more nutritional goodness, as we lose some of the nutrients when food is heated/cooked.  This is a great dish and especially good in Summer months.  And anything goes!  Pop whatever goodies you have in your pantry/fridge and place it all in a bowl or on a plate.  And the more colourful the better.  Remember, when we eat a rainbow, we feed our body with antioxidants, essential for fighting free-radicals in the body.  In this “bomb”, I placed sprouts, raw cashews, home-made hommus dip, dark sesame crackers,   sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sugar snap peas, raddishes alfalfa, and topped it off with lemon and black sesame seeds.  (No, they’re not ants crawling on my food!)  Have a try!  And feel free to tag me on photos of your bowls!  @the_nourish_nook  Good health! xx

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