Last night, here in Mount Gambier, I had the privilege of introducing two of Australia’s leading wellness educators at an event at City Hall.  150 locals came to hear Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell speak about their new book, Chaos to Calm – a book that is filled with ways to help you overcome stress, the feeling of overwhelm and over-scheduling.  These two gorgeous women spoke of the importance of good sleep, movement, nourishing your soul, drinking water, breathing well, connections and limiting technology use.  Another aspect they spoke of was bringing the energy of your day home to your family.  My ears pricked up at this topic, as I know I am guilty of this, also.  The ladies asked everyone what was most important in their lives.  It was a resounding answer of “family”.  Then, they asked, how often do we treat our families like they are the most important thing in the world?  It made me realist that sometimes, due to various commitments, I may be a little short with the kids or not interact with their games with my 100% attention and the like.  Shannah told the story of how her husband, a CEO, sits in his car in the driveway for 5-10 minutes to breathe and let his work day leave him before he enters the house to be a husband and father.  She explained that her children don’t want the CEO at home, bringing work stresses  into their home, they want a supportive, nurturing father.  And Shannah does the same.  When she picks her children up from school, they don’t want the corporate self-confessed “obsessive A-Type personality” mother, they just want a muffin!  This story really struck a cord with me and certainly hit home.  Some days, I will bring my ‘day’ into our home and sometimes, my family suffers.  And, Rob is the same.  When he walks into the house after a day working on the farm, he can do the same, by discussing problems with a leaking tank or a broken seat in our tractor!  I know I find it exhausting sometimes, but we all have a tendency to do it.  Am I right?  So, I am going to make a concerted effort from now on to leave my ‘day’ out of my family time in the evenings.  I will also suggest to Rob to stay in his ute, just for 5 minutes, to unwind before coming into the family environment.  It seems like such a small, easy thing to do, but one which will have an extremely positive effect on our home.  After all, my family is THE most important thing in the world.  We just need small reminders to treat them that way.  Sending you all love xx

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