To the Spirit Junkies here in Mount Gambier and surrounding areas.  I’m so excited about my next workshop! Do you want to spend a night with like-minded people in a tranquil setting expanding your knowledge on connecting to your spirit? This upcoming workshop will discuss ways to work with The Universe to co-create and manifest beautiful circumstances and people into your life. Find out how the Universe sends us messages on a daily basis and how to ‘read’ the signs. Take part in a group meditation as well as an exercise where you can physically feel your chi/life force. Hear my amazing stories of events that have happened to me once I became spiritually aware. And share your stories, too! Come and spend the evening sipping Mayde Teas and munching on delicious treaties hand made by the girls at Presto Eatery, Mount Gambier. If you or anybody you know are interested, please email me at [email protected] This workshop is strictly limited to just 45 people. First to email me will secure a spot. Cost is $25.00 I would love to see you there!

Date:  Wednesday, 15th of February.

Time:  6.30-8.30pm

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