51960_KYLE_CFL_CVPLA_39.pdfI have been a long-time fan of James Duigan and his books and way of life – Clean and Lean.  Eating ‘clean’ simply means to eat real food.  Unprocessed, REAL food!  Cutting out refined sugar, processed foods etc.  Keeping the food you eat as natural as possible.  Last week, I purchased his latest cookbook, Clean and Lean for Life.  (This is about his 7th or 8th book he has put out).  Not only is it a cookbook, it gives healthy lifestyle tips, too.  How to live mindfully, why it’s important to eat clean, the philosophy behind it and an insight into his beautiful family.  This is well-worth a purchase.  The ingredients are not hard to source and recipes are not complicated.  Just straight-forward, clean recipes that will have you feeling fabulous in no time! The photography in the book is gorgeous, too. So, if your New Years’ Resolution is to eat better, then this would be a terrific gift to yourself  xx


  1. Jo ,I am so interested in your wellness program and very keen to improve my diet
    I eat very well ,trying to eat what comes out of the ground but still feel I could improve
    I am Bindy’s mum so have followed you for years
    I walk ,still work as a midwife so shift work doesn’t help my chocolate intake !!!
    Thank you Libby

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