finalBody love.  This is a topic VERY close to my heart.  I am wanting to reach out to the lovely ladies of Mount Gambier and surrounding areas. (Other workshops in other areas will be organised if this is a success.  Or, if you’re wanting to get a group of girls together, please let me know and I can visit you).  I would love to hold an intimate workshop for those struggling to embrace their body shape. We live in a society that celebrates perfection and youth. However, (thank goodness) we are not all built the same way. I am taking my past struggles in this area to bring forward an intimate workshop idea to help others embrace and LOVE their bodies! This will be kept to 25 women maximum so as to keep it intimate and personal, making you feel relaxed and nurtured. I will discuss past struggles and actions I put in place to help me overcome insecurities. And you can, too! It will be an interactive workshop giving YOU the opportunity to open up, and support each other. (Or just come along and enjoy the workshop). Please let me know if you are interested and I can start organising this fun, insightful, nurturing and informative event. Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  (Please feel free to email me if you feel more comfortable). xxx

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